Services & Capabilities

Software Engineering

Our Software Engineers have experience in the design, development, deployment and maintenance of new code, as well as the maintenance and improvement of legacy code that is already up and running. With our scientific background, we can provide software architectural solutions developed by scientist for scientists. Our expertise also includes the design and development of web applications (back-end and client layers) oriented for data processing in grid or cloud environments.

  • Software life cycle, architectural design and standards
  • Implementation, testing and maintenance of software tools and systems
  • Software Configuration Control techniques
  • Scientific software engineering and requirements analysis
  • Development of Data Processing Pipelines
  • Development of Scientific Data Archives and interfacing with external tools and systems
  • Development of User Interfaces, based on Web Services
  • Development of data layers, including databases, data distribution subsystems and data repositories that allows easy and protected access to the data
  • Development of server layers that minimise the data to be exposed into the user interfaces

Computer System Engineering

Our aim is to improve business efficiency and productivity by providing new IT design solutions for scientific environments, as well as to modify, enhance or adapt existing systems and integrate new features or improvements.

  • Analysis of hardware and software requirements
  • Installation, configuration and Maintenance of application software
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of computer systems
  • Deployment, configuration and maintenance of Virtual Infrastructure
  • Configuration and maintenance of large storage infrastructure
  • Deployment of web servers
  • Databases installation and configuration
  • System deployments and monitoring
  • Installation and configuration of system monitoring tools and load balancers
  • GRID and Cloud Computing Infrastructures
  • Handling of system backup, disk storage and recovery procedures
  • Implementation of system security standards and procedures

Data Archive Engineering

Our team of Data Archive Engineers has experience in data management, exploitation and archiving for large international research projects. Their expertise includes access, manipulation, distribution and maintenance of real-time and archive data.

  • Archive data products repositories
  • Archive databases, including ingestion and metadata extraction systems
  • Archive graphical user interfaces and web pages
  • Archive data distribution systems
  • Archive administration services
  • Archive data products on-line visualisation and analysis services

Data Analysts

Our scientists have doctorates in several scientific areas and have ample experience working in international research projects and centres. We understand that scientists or R&D departments conduct research, and do not develop software or build IT infrastructure. Thus, our combined team of software, archive and system engineers together with our scientists will put together their knowledge and experience to close this gap.

  • Development and handling of Scientific Data Processing Pipelines
  • Development of AI algorithms for mapping resources
  • Scientific software validation procedures

Services for EO Activities

SIMBAD facilitates the exploitation of EO data by developing applications to address societal challenges, enabling policymakers, authorities, and environmental agencies to develop long-term strategies as well as to react efficiently to sudden critical situations. Quasar has extensive experience in dealing with data and developing applications to enhance its scientific return.

  • Provide near real-time monitoring of different land and water-based resources at a spatial resolution of 10 m over a span of time
  • Development of region-based monitoring systems by developing specific regional algorithms
  • Dedicated tailor-made solutions for Sentinel 1 SAR, Sentinel 2 and Sentinel 3 optical applications
  • Dedicated tailor-made solutions for satellite and model-based applications
  • Consulting services about Sentinel data, products and applications
  • Support the integration of Sentinel data into your solution
  • Support the integration of auxiliary non-EO data into your EO solution
  • Support the integration of Copernicus Land Monitoring Service and Marine Service products into your solution
  • Participation in R&D projects at national and European levels with experience leading projects and working within large collaboration