SIMBAD Technology Stack

SIMBAD provides

Modular system easy to maintain and/or modify.

Configurable and scalable in terms of performance and fault tolerance.

Services are deployed as needed either locally or in any cloud environment.

SIMBAD is based on

Docker + Kubernetes for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

SIMBAD offers

Security in cloud environments.

SIMBAD incorporates


Automatic data download and data management.


Region configuration, process configuration and automatization, data and image storage.


Data visualization, mask processing, alerts and notifications configuration.


Alerts and notifications management.

SIMBAD at a Glance

SIMBAD takes the EO data exploitation a step further by adding layers over existing tools as well as computer power and resources otherwise unavailable to the end user.
SIMBAD provides an innovative hardware and software infrastructure for the development, implementation and operation of EO scientific algorithms across different applications.
SIMBAD implements a rapid and convenient data processing platform and data access by hiding from the user the complexity of the system.
SIMBAD encompasses worldwide coverage across a span of several years.
SIMBAD takes pride on its excellent level of accumulated knowledge and user support.
SIMBAD offers consultancy services and its participation in projects at national and European levels by providing different kind of support, including leading projects.