Sentinel Imagery MultiBand Analysis and Dissemination


SIMBAD is an initiative of Quasar Science Resources to facilitate the exploitation of Earth Observation data by developing products and applications to address societal challenges, enabling policymakers, authorities, and environmental agencies to develop long-term strategies as well as to react efficiently to sudden critical situations.

An Opportunity for Service Providers

Earth Observations

Earth Observation (EO) applications and services are rapidly increasing. Sentinel missions are being developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) for the Copernicus Programme, a European effort to monitor the Earth and its different habitats. Each Sentinel mission is based on a constellation of two satellites to fulfil revisit and coverage requirements, providing robust datasets for Copernicus Services. These missions (from Sentinel-1 through Sentinel-6) carry a range of technologies, such as radar and multi-spectral imaging instruments for land, ocean and atmospheric monitoring; and are providing massive EO data collections on a global scale, and the data generation rate is rapidly increasing. In addition, advances in Information Technology (IT) infrastructures have enabled new ways of accessing and exploiting EO data. This rapid evolution provides an opportunity for added value service providers of EO applications and services. Quasar Science Resources is taking advantage of this opportunity and is developing products and custom services based on Sentinel data.

Satellite Image Data Processing

Scientific Exploitation Platform

The Scientific Exploitation Platform (SEP) for Sentinel Data is a Quasar Science Resources initiative for the transformation of raw Sentinel data into useful final scientific products to be used in day-to-day applications. At present, there are ESA/Copernicus tools that promote and facilitate access to EO data, but not so much to facilitate its final applicability to the general public. It is because of this, that SEPs are gaining prominence over the past few years. We consider our SEP as one more layer over existing tools to take the EO data exploitation a step further. This is achieved by introducing an innovative hardware and software infrastructure for the development, implementation and operation of scientific algorithms, which applied to EO data, can help tackle daily-life common problems. Our SEP will help our customers to carry out their activities in a sustainable way and be respectful of natural resources.

Bring the code to the data

SEPs follow the paradigm of bringing the code to the data, instead of the old-fashioned paradigm of bringing the data to the code (users).

Upload new code

SEPs offer the capability to embed and execute predefined data processing algorithms to exploit scientific data, as well as the possibility to upload new code to be executed at the SEP.


SEPs hide from the user the complexity of accessing the data by wrapping around it a friendly user interface.

Power and resources

SEPs can give access to computer power and resources otherwise unavailable to the end user.


SIMBAD Products, Applications & Services

Maritime Monitoring
Marine Ecosystems
Water Quality Monitoring
Wildfire Monitoring
Precision Agriculture

Company Capabilities & Services

Quasar Science Resources is a team of highly qualified experts covering a wide variety of backgrounds that offers new concepts and approaches in the IT Management, Development and Services area. We provide consulting on Software and System Engineering services for Research and Development projects providing high quality tailor-made services targeted at Research Centres, Universities and Private Companies looking to expand their activity domain. Quasar has strong expertise in scientific software development and data reduction techniques, handling and exploitation of scientific databases, archive engineering and data mining, computer systems engineering, including virtual machine infrastructure, network, data storage and backup.

SIMBAD Catalogue

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