Specific Services for EO Activities

SIMBAD facilitates the exploitation of EO data by developing applications to address societal challenges, enabling policymakers, authorities, and environmental agencies to develop long-term strategies as well as to react efficiently to sudden critical situations. Quasar has extensive experience in dealing with data and developing applications to enhance its scientific return.

  • Provide near real-time monitoring of different land and water-based resources at a spatial resolution of 10 m over a span of time
  • Development of region-based monitoring systems by developing specific regional algorithms
  • Dedicated tailor-made solutions for Sentinel-1 SAR, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 optical applications
  • Dedicated tailor-made solutions for satellite and model-based applications
  • Consulting services about Sentinel data, products and applications
  • Support the integration of Sentinel data into your solution
  • Support the integration of auxiliary non-EO data into your EO solution
  • Support the integration of Copernicus Land Monitoring Service and Marine Service products into your solution
  • Participation in R&D projects at national and European levels with experience leading projects and working within large collaborations